Aikido Toho Iai

The style of Iaido which Nishio Sensei is teaching, is his own invention. This style is called; Aikido Toho Iai. The style has its roots in traditional Iaido, however, the specialty of Nishio Sensei's Iaido is that it has a close connection to his dynamic way of Aikido.

Aikido Toho Iai consists of 15 Kata forms, and 13 of those forms correspond to an Aikido technique. This is why Nishio Sensei's Iaido often has more movements than traditional Iaido and therefore it becomes very dynamic and challenging, just as his style of Aikido.

Another important matter, is that Nishio Sensei's Aikido Toho Iai is under constant development. It does not just contain a series of Kata forms which will always be the same, but it consists of a series of movements which develops with the small improvements of Nishio Sensei's own Aikido. In this way Aikido Toho Iai becomes like a mirror of Nishio Sensei's Aikido.